"Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies are attainable.

Science in the Self-Help field leads us along the roadway to Optimal Health Secrets.

This site is for Governments, Federal, Provincial, Municipal and local.

We are offering the workers in all levels of governments a new Wellness model to

Make Wellness a Priority.

What do Chronic Disease Convention Strategies require?

Everything your family doctor tells you would be helpful. Wellness is a concept that requires five things as a basic baseline that are all things a person can do for them selves. This needs to be repeated for people to grasp it clearly. There are some things in the Self-Help field that people can start on right away. Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation, Attitude & Perspective in life are a good place to start. How does one learn about these science-based things? Wellness RISK Management has a measurement program online that can tell a person how closely they match up with the Science on each one of those five pillars.

Our premise for this website is that organizations should Make Wellness a Priority in their workforce.

Wellness RISK Management provides a measurement program and a workshop program to help organizations, companies, and industry build Wellness and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies for their workforces.

Our belief is that Wellness is an individual personal decision that should reside with the individual. It is because of this that we believe the individual should cover the costs of the measurement program and the workshop program. The company’s responsibility will be to remind their workers to Make Wellness a Priority.

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It seems that most everyone wants to learn Optimal Health Secrets. We understand that. We are here to connect with those people who are willing to put a little time, effort and money into themselves.

There is a method to attaining wellness and preventing Chronic Disease. It starts with MEASUREMENT.

Governments are often difficult to connect with. Our Wellness RISK Management program is directed toward the workforce. Governments have a workforce too, and that workforce is just as important as industry and business. 

Our goal with this web site is to make it clear to all governments that government workers are included in the Wellness RISK Management program.



A government level organisation is considered a 'Company' in the eyes of Wellness RISK Management. We can enrol that government into our program just like any other company.






Cognitive Flexibility is essentially about
learning to learn and being able to be
flexible about the way you learn.

As you can see from our various web sites, we value knowing your Wellness RISK. To get your Wellness RISK Management profile, enroll with WRM and get measured for Self-Help Wellness.

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