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Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies
Making Wellness A Priority, Creating Value for Society

Helping Business Manage Wellness

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Dr. Ouellette's Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies ... What are they?.... How do we get them? ... We'll show you how... Creating Value for Society....

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Evidence Based Wellness

This web site is for Businesses.

The Wellness Roadmap

We Manage an Individual's Wellness Risk through Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies helping them develop Wellness Skill Sets.  


There are some difficult things in the Wellness field that need to be done in order to achieve complete Wellness. Different people find different things difficult. We help people identify those things and then work toward correcting them in their lifestyle.



We  help people who want one or more of five Wellness skill sets. Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation, Attitude and Perspective in Life.


Currently an early 2020 issue.

However, this may become an ongoing cyclical problem we have to deal with.

Updated April 15, 2020

Our opinion will change as new data comes in and new evidence becomes available. So, please refresh this web page every day before you read it.

One of the important issues we must not forget is that our democracy is working well. Quebec is asking for Federal help and the Federal government is doing everything it can. We see that each province needs the Federal government in times like this and that our form of government is working well for all Canadians. 

Wellness Risk Management is even more important than ever.

Dr. Ouellette

See our Articles page for our stance on Spinal Manipulation Therapy and virus/bacterial infections.

Dr. Ouellette

Our proposal is to help workers on an individual level. We measure people and then point them in the direction of Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies using workshops online, in-house in a business, or externally.

Everybody wants Wellness but, a lot of people have difficulty maintaining the actions science points us toward. We help with that. We have a new unique solution to the problem of maintaining Wellness. 

We are at the evidence-based end of Wellness. See our Notices and Downloads page in the info bar above. The right panel of this web site gives a good overview of our program. Read that section now please.

Everybody wants Wellness. Everybody wants fitness. Everybody wants relaxation. We show how to get them all through Wellness Risk Management self-help strategies.



All client date is anonymous with all documents produced by the measurement program at identified with a secret codename only, which is chosen by the client and modified by our algorithm to make it unique.


Three Phases 

First we need the evidence, we need the numbers. So, we measure.

30 Questionnaires,

38 scores



  • Wellness Risk Guessing Form 
  • Wellness Knowledge Calculator 
  • Excessive Consumptions Form 



Web Algorithm does all this.



Wellness Risk Management Workshops discuss Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies and the FoodPainConnection. It's one-on-one help you need, including group workshops.



Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

Learning from History

Addressing the Terrible New Year's Resolution Compliance.

  • We all know about the 6 week length of New Year's Resolutions. 
  • We know that New Year's Resolution intentions are well founded and very noble indeed. 
  • Why then such a dismal compliance? 
  • Well, its just the way people are. It's human nature. 
  • To address that compliance issue we need one-on-one workshops. There is no getting around it. 
  • Wellness Risk Management Workshops offer the help to comply with the science on multidimensional Wellness. Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet is also discussed for people who wish to choose that option. 
  • The best place to improve Wellness compliance is in Work-Based Wellness Risk Management Workshops. 
  • That means workplaces need to come online and endorse Making Wellness a Priority. 


We are asking your company to endorse Making Wellness a Priority.


We would be happy to discuss with you how to integrate our Wellness Risk Management model with your existing Wellness programs.


The Focus

Our focus is on normalizing BMI, Meal Plans, Exercise Routines and more.

Weekly Workshops are a primary key.

Wellness Risk Measurement is done in three phases. The first phase measures subjective Wellness Risk indicating where a person's mind-set is at with regard to Wellness. The second phase measures a person's behaviours to determine where behaviours are at and how they synchronize with the science on Five Pillar Wellness. The third voluntary phase is a screen for Five Excessive Consumption Adaptions. See Below. From all this we can form a plan, develop a Five Pillar Wellness Risk Action Plan, produce a 35 page Wellness Risk Report of Findings, a Wellness Instructor’s 35 page notes file and a Health Professional’s two page report. We can be ready for this person in a Five Pillar Wellness Risk Workshop.

We delve into Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet, Loren Cordain's inverted Food Pyramid and the ketogenic diet as options a person can choose. One has to understand the science on diets. No diet will work if it is not kept up for an extended period of time. That means turning the diet into a lifetime meal plan. We help with that. A Five Pillar Multidimensional Action Plan is provided based on measured scores. A 35 page Report of Findings indicate what each of the 38 scores mean and includes our recommendations for all scores.


We offer a voluntary screening of the Five Excessive Consumptions via anonymous questionnaire. Therapies for these excessive consumptions are not part of our program at this time other then healthy meal planning and the diets listed above. The excessive consumptions data, if taken, is integrated with our program of Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies for a finer tuning of needs, wants and desires. This form is an opportunity for people to delve into help with things they may have been avoiding for some time. It's completely voluntary, and as we said, anonymous. If there are failure points in a client's Wellness actions then integrating these excessive consumptions data offers a good roadway to enhance progress toward optimal health and Wellness. Chronic disease prevention is the goal. Choice of prioritization is respected.

  • Excess food consumption 
  • Excess lung consumption, Smoking, anything, at any level 
  • Excess alcohol consumption 
  • Excess Marijuana consumption (and other recreational drugs) 
  • Excess Medicinal Opioid consumption 


To get started first a person needs to identify Wellness Risk. That means finding out where the risk lies and how bad the risk is. We have a measuring process that measures SUBJECTIVE Wellness Risk and OBJECTIVE Wellness Risk. You can't manage what you don't measure. We measure Wellness Risk. We get the numbers then we get to work in workshops.



Make Wellness a Priority in a Five Pillar Wellness program for businesses at no cost to the business. Contact us and get your business enrolled today. A good plan to get started would be to ask your management if they have specific Wellness or Chronic Disease Prevention concerns they might wish to explore.


People can now qualify themselves to determine if they are ready for Wellness Risk Measurement and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. See the form below. 

Qualifying for Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies Workshops 


See our companion web site for the individual, the lay public.


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Wellness Risk Measurement 

If you don't measure you can't manage. We put numbers to Wellness Risk.

We provide a 35 page Report of Findings.

We provide Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies Workshops.

If you can help yourself change your ways then you will reap marvelous long term benefits and remarkable short term benefits.

We help people obtain those benefits.

Note to Management

To evaluate our program effectively your company should review this web site at Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies, and our web site for individuals at and our new Flagship web site at

See our list of documents on the Documents page in the Resources tab at WRM. 


Our Chronic Disease Prevention Program
When we look at the field of chronic disease we see that Wellness is not being done all that well in our communities. Consequently we see a steady increase in the use of disease care dollars and a dizzying array of expensive technological and pharmacological solutions pushing healthcare costs for the community and for individuals to astronomical numbers.

We are offering a new solution we call Wellness Risk Management.



Wellness:  Wellness is defined as multidimensional, self-help, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.

Wellness Risk: Wellness Risk indicates a person’s susceptibility to pain, suffering and a shortened life if they don’t follow the science on multidimensional Wellness. We put numbers to multidimensional Wellness.

Dr. Ouellette’s Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets: Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation, Attitude & Perspective in life

Wellness Risk Measurement Protocols: Thirty questionnaires in one online measurement questionnaire program at We measure:
 • The Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets,
 • A number of important clinical indicators for clinicians,
 • The Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

Wellness Risk Measurement Scores: Thirty eight numbers provided in a one page Wellness Risk Management Progress Chart Indicating a percentage of 100% optimal health on each score.

Wellness Risk Management Workshops: After we measure, analyse, identify, and prioritize, we provide Wellness Risk Management Workshops to help people complete their eight items in their customized Action Plan. That plan will improve their Wellness score numbers bringing their health closer to optimal health. Workshops are where Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies are provided through the action plan list.

Wellness Risk Management Action Plan List: Eight items on an action plan to-do list located in the 35 page Wellness Risk Management Report of Findings provided in workshops after measurement at Additional action plan items are provided to clients as needed. The total number of action plan items suitable for the list is 126. If people are performing all 126 items then they are going to be healthy indeed.

Wellness Risk Management Engineer/Instructors: Body and Attitude Engineer/Instructors trained by Dr. Ouellette to provide Wellness Risk Management Workshop help to clients only after measurement at

Wellness Risk Management Progress Chart: A one page chart of measurement scores after completing the questionnaire at

Health Professionals Report: A two page document explaining the Wellness Risk Management Progress Chart to healthcare clinicians.

Wellness Risk Management Report of Findings (RoF): A 35 page report of findings for clients that indicates what each score means and provides recommendations to the client. The only actual teaching that is done is performed in this RoF document.

Wellness Risk Management Instructor’s Notes: A 35 page set of notes for Engineer/ Instructors on each client measured at