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The Ketogenic Connection

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS

    Certified Member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)

    Master of Science: Biology (With Emphasis on Nutrition)

    Retiring Certifications: DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

May 3, 2018


In Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies Workshops we will discuss the ketogenic diet and its results of normalizing blood fats and stimulating weight-loss at the same time. Although the ketogenic diet does not address the FoodPainConnection issue it does address an important factor in helping people become more successful with weight loss thus, lowering the risk of sudden death from heart disease and lowering the risk of slow death from cancers. Both are good aren't they? This diet is an individual choice and is not mandatory.

So, why is there so much confusion in the scientific literature? Well, unfortunately, large food companies are adept at sowing false science seeds. Sowing confusion in the public keeps people guessing and buying their products which lead to increased sudden-death and more slow-death from cancers. There isn't any way to stop this as both the cigarette industry and the sugar industry have shown over many decades that their efforts are very successful with science manipulation for their own corporate needs.

A company that pays for a science project has the right to bury the project if the results are not to its liking. Some scientists are also prone to being paid sums of money to produce a specific result that a company likes. We win the battle by sticking closer to nature with organic food and range grazed animals.

Come out and discuss issues you think are important.

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Wellness RISK Measurement 

If you don't measure you can't manage. We put numbers to Wellness Risk.

We provide a 35 page Report of Findings.

We provide Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies Workshops.

If you can help yourself change your ways then you will reap marvelous long term benefits and remarkable short term benefits.

We help people obtain those benefits.


Our Chronic Disease Prevention Program
When we look at the field of chronic disease we see that Wellness is not being done all that well in our communities. Consequently we see a steady increase in the use of disease care dollars and a dizzying array of expensive technological and pharmacological solutions pushing up healthcare costs for the community and for individuals to astronomical numbers.

We are offering a new solution we call Wellness RISK Management.




Wellness is defined as multidimensional, self-help, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.

Wellness RISK:

Wellness RISK indicates a person’s susceptibility to pain, suffering and a shortened life if they don’t follow the science on multidimensional Wellness. We put numbers to multidimensional Wellness.

Dr. Ouellette’s Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets: Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation, Attitude & Perspective in life... We put numbers to them all.

Wellness RISK Measurement Protocols: Thirty questionnaires in one online measurement questionnaire program at We measure:
 • The Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets,
 • A number of important clinical indicators for clinicians,
 • The Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

Wellness RISK Measurement Scores: Thirty eight numbers provided in a one page Wellness RISK Management Progress Chart Indicating a percentage of 100% optimal health on each score.

Wellness RISK Management Workshops: After we measure, analyse, identify, and prioritize, we provide Wellness Risk Management Workshops to help people complete their eight items in their customized Action Plan. That plan will improve their Wellness score numbers bringing their health closer to optimal health. Workshops are where Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies are provided through the action plan list.

Wellness RISK Management Action Plan List: Eight items on an action plan to-do list located in the 35 page Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings provided in workshops after measurement at Additional action plan items are provided to clients as needed. The total number of action plan items suitable for the list is 126. If people are performing all 126 items then they are going to be healthy indeed.

Wellness RISK Management Instructors: Instructors trained by Dr. Ouellette to provide Wellness Risk Management Workshop help to clients only after measurement at

Wellness RISK Management Progress Chart: A one page chart of measurement scores after completing the questionnaire at

Health Professionals Report: A two page document explaining the Wellness RISK Management Progress Chart to healthcare clinicians.

Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings (RoF): A 35 page report of findings for clients that indicates what each score means and provides recommendations to the client. The only actual teaching that is done is performed in this RoF document.

Wellness RISK Management Instructor’s Notes: A 35 page set of notes for Instructors on each client measured at